Sound packing and crating techniques are an integral part of any residential moving project. Poorly packed items can compromise the success of a move no matter how skilled the people are handling the items. There is nothing more disheartening than hearing about an heirloom or a prized possession being damaged due to improper packing.


We can pack your entire residence or afew specialized items. Our premium Services include the packing of


China and other glassware.


Painting and fine art.


Mirrors, glass shelves and marble tops.


Home offices and home-based businesses.


We offer a full line of cartons and related packing supplies to ensure successful packing.


For those instances where individual cartons cannot accommodate an item or you have an item of unusual dimensions, Bucks packing specialist are proficient at building customized wooden crates to ensure safe transport. Our crating services are ideal for:


Statue and sculpture.


Oversize paintings.


Plasma TVs grater than 60''.


Marble or granite tops.


Pool lables and arcade game systems



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