Buck's Piano Movers are highly skilled in the challenging art that not every moving company can master. Since a piano is a heavy asymmetrical item that is quite fragile, you need to enlist experienced piano movers to safely handle this aspect of your relocating.


Bucks Movers has been one of the premier piano movers in California for over 10 years. Our precise wrapping and handling techniques address the dual challenges of protecting the fine exterior and preventing damage to the internal mechanisms of the unit.


Expertise with all grand and upright pianos.


Blanket-wrapped pickup and delivers.


Short and long term piano storage options.


Customized crating for high value pieces.


Expertise in piano hoisting and crane jobs.


Interstate piano shipping.


The most important aspect of successful piano is to evaluate the type of unit and conditions of the loading or unloading. Different pianos require different techniques. For example, upright pianos are generally moved with little or no padding to enable the movers to get a firm grip on the unit. When moving a grand piano, the movers will wrap the unit very carefully and then utilize a special piano dolly to safely transfer it.


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